Immaculate Cove by Gary Orona

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Immaculate Cove by Gary Orona

Immaculate Cove is a simply stunning image produced by Gary Orona on the island of Kaua'i, Hawaii. After days of slogging across, over and down treacherous cliffs during torrential downpours of Winter rain near the town of Hanalei, Gary stumbled (literally) down onto this glorious seaside vista as the sun was dropping. "I was overwhelmed with a sense of the sublime, the mysterious, as this scene unfolded before me," recounts Gary. "After so many days of debilitating downpours the sky opened up and there it was. The Aloha was everywhere." 

Gary produced this work, Immaculate Cove, from a single shot on a medium format digital camera with a long shutter duration. 

Immaculate Cove is offered in a limited edition of 80 pieces at 40x60inches (1.5 Meter) vertical aspect ratio, on infused metal (aluminum) or face mounted acrylic with metallic paper.  

A Sublime Work of Art

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