Why Metal Infusion Prints?

gary orona blue storm

Gary Orona with Blue Storm Over Temple Mountain

From Gary Orona: In my late teens I studied zone system film photography under a teacher who was a protege of the master Ansel Adams. This was decades ago. As such my sensibilities have classical origins and the idea of straying away from paper prints is absolutely alien. So it took some doing to convince me that infusion metal was an option for my ultra limited editions. The truth is I’m preferring this process at this time. So why should you consider metal infusion over archival paper prints?

1) Xenon light stability testing has shown that the image stability of metal prints is 2x to 4x that of traditional silver based photo papers. They will last beautifully for generations and current estimate is over 150 years.

2) The colors are wonderfully saturated, vibrant and the luminescence is breathtaking. Detail and resolution are unsurpassed by any photographic paper. I have yet to see any paper based print that comes close to the richness in metal prints. Beautifully rendered landscapes absolutely explode off the surface.

3) The ultra-hard scratch-resistant surface is waterproof and weatherproof and can be cleaned easily with any commercial glass cleaner. We do recommend avoiding direct sunlight.

4) Metal Prints are rigid therefore they can be mounted with a simple float mount for that modern look, or they can be easily placed inside of any frame to size without the old school and frankly very tired, mattes and cold press techniques. So the display options are only limited by ones imagination. Numerous high gloss to matte finish options are also available.

5) And for those on a budget and who might not normally be able to afford true fine art photographic works there is an added value with metal prints. They don’t need an expensive frame. Your stunning museum quality metal print is ready to hang without spending hundreds to thousands of dollars for the frame.

These are the primary reasons I now love metal prints. My work is rich in storytelling detail so I want those small details to seemingly emerge off the works. This is what creates wonderful spirit, feelings and conversations and this is what I work so hard to deliver to you the fine art photography collector.

Good Thoughts,

Gary Orona